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Founded in 1953, Joliette Pattern Works specializes in the fabrication of patterns (also called tooling) for foundries.

We offer a range of materials and manufacturing options to best suit your needs. Tooling can be CNC cut or made by hand. Patterns can be supplied in a range of woods, urethane or styrofoam. Tooling is built according to your specifications, it can be loose, in boxes or mounted on boards. We can supply gating and risering when provided with the specification. We work with various types of documents, from the more recent 3D models, to blue prints, to “napkin cad”. We also work from old parts where we extract the dimensions from the part, either for replacement or reverse engineering.

Our many years of experience and our continually improving techniques can satisfy our most demanding clients. Today, Joliette Pattern Works distributes its products across North America. Our quotations are free of charge, and if need be we can provide the carrier and customs paperwork, exactly as if we were located right across the street from you.

With a total surface of 6,000 square feet and a height of 18 feet, Joliette Pattern Works can fabricate all dimensions of patterns from small to very large

We also provide molds for cement urban furniture and the occasional stage set.