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pattern shop
for foundries


Patterns for foundries

We have a team of experienced pattern makers. A well equipped pattern shop with both conventional machining and numerical 3 and 5 axis CNCs with up to 10’ x 10’ x 3’ machining envelope. A vertical milling machine, on which, we can turn up to 17’ in diameter. We build from very large to very small.

We build tooling to your specification, either loose, in no-bake boxes or for vacuum processes. Tooling can be provided in various types of woods or urethanes. If the specifications are provided, we can build the gating and risering required.

We can arrange for transport to your location as we are used to coordinate with carriers for various sizes, such as wide loads with or without pilot cars.

Gauges / Jigs

We can provide for gauges and jigs for castings of various shapes and forms, regardless of casting complexity, we can build it for you.

3D Modeling

We have a Solidworks license and we can design / model your parts from scratch or modify the provided models or drawings. We support a large variety of file formats both 2D and 3D.

prototypes / fiberglass / composites

We can build a large variety of models, large and small. Over the years we have built prototypes, fiberglass molds, molds for fiberglass and even composite.

patterns for Architectural pieces

We have the skills to make or reproduce architectural parts.

3D printing

3D printing can be a fast and relatively cheap method for validating new parts.